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In the late ’70s, Lary Ellison identified a unique opportunity when he met the description of a functional prototype of a relational database, so far no company really endeavored to market this type of technology. From this, Larry Ellison created what would be one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world and also one of the databases most used and powerful market, Oracle.

Oracle was undoubtedly one of the pioneers in the world of DBMS (Database Management System Data), she created the PL / SQL and also was one of the first to create a relational database focused on the WEB, this bank was founded in 1999 with the Oracle 8i. Since the first versions to date, Oracle innovates bringing many new features and different Interest, Real Application Cluster is one of the examples of innovations that further improved support for XML and entered in version 9i as one of his greatest differentials.

The Oracle database currently trades in six versions, each containing different features and being directed according to customer needs, meet the following versions:

  • Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE);
  • Oracle Standard Edition (SE);
  • Oracle Standard Edition One;
  • Oracle Express Edition;
  • Oracle Personal Edition;
  • Oracle Database Lite


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